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ABC was established to cater to the stationery and educational books requirements of Nigeria. The children of today are the leaders of tommorrow. We offer them choices and nurture their development. Every product we make echoes the spirit of Nigeria.

At ABC we meet the needs of educational institutions by offering customized exercise books. We also cater to private and public institutions, who use the same for promotional purposes or other related activities. We are constantly striving to improve the range and quality of our products, with the goal of always offering affordable prices, thereby making education as a whole more affordable for all learners in Nigeria.


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All our products are manufactured here in Nigeria. They are designed locally and come in very informative and colourful designs that truly represent our vision to inspire Africa.


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All our products are manufactured by state of the art machinery here in Nigeria, with extensive quality control mechanisms in place. We use premium paper and materials sourced from the best manufacturers around the world, to provide a lasting & durable finished product.

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Abuja Book Co.

ABUJA BOOK COMPANY LIMITED (ABC) is a newly established company with experienced personnel in its wings to offer the best quality products and at the best possible prices to the market. We are engaged in the production of exercise books to cater to the Federal capital Territory of Abuja and its neighbouring states. We aspire to use eco-friendly products and will ensure premium quality & affordable prices at every doorstep in the North of Nigeria. We also intend to offer our customized products to educational institutions, public and private organisations in Nigeria.


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